Daredevil is #WorthTheWait

On December 12th, a Variety exclusive report provided important clarification regarding the terms of Marvel’s contract with Netflix, and how it affects the future of Marvel’s Daredevil: specifically, the existence of a clause restricting these characters from appearing in any non-Netflix production for at least two years after cancellation.

We waited two and a half years for a new season of Daredevil in the past. While we’d prefer it not be necessary, we’re ready to do it again! Let Marvel and the world at large hear our message loud and clear: This show, this cast, and this creative team are too good to cast aside. This show, this cast, and this creative team are #WorthTheWait!


This week, join us in collectively writing to Marvel and Hulu and letting them know why we believe this show is worth waiting for. We’re concentrating our efforts here first because as Disney-owned, or soon-to-be-Disney-owned companies, they represent our best shot at continuity after the two year cancellation clause is lifted.


  • Monday (12/17) + Tuesday (12/18) - Write directly to Marvel at onlinesupport@marvel.com

  • Wednesday (12/19) + Thursday (12/20) - Write directly to Hulu at content@hulu.com

  • Friday (12/21) - Let’s gear up for one last tweetstorm before the holidays! During our usual hours of 12pm-2pm ET, share why YOU believe this show is #WorthTheWait. Include pics, videos, and GIFs if you have them, and feel free to @Marvel or @Hulu if you have the space. Last but not least, make sure you include our campaign hashtag #SaveDaredevil on your tweets (and no more than 2 hashtags per tweet)!

Need some help?

Here is a sample letter you can use to get started, and don’t forget to fill in the bracketed areas with your information or the information of the company you’re writing to!


I am writing in regards to the show Marvel’s Daredevil, recently cancelled after a critically-acclaimed third season. Like thousands of other fans, I would love to see Daredevil’s story continue with the same cast, crew, and showrunner, and am writing to you to ask that [NAME OF COMPANY] help make that happen!

I’ve read about the contract clause preventing that from happening outside of Netflix for at least two years. But this show, cast, and crew are worth the wait! I’ve waited more than two years for a new season of Daredevil once - I can do it again, and I know I’m not alone! There’s more of THIS Daredevil story to be told, and my fellow fans and I will be here for as long as it takes, ready to watch it unfold!

Please help us save Daredevil.