#FandomWithoutFear, we know the fight to #SaveDaredevil isn’t over! So we’re bringing our campaign into the real world - and onto live TV!

Join us in NYC on Friday, February 22nd at 6:30am on the Plaza at the Today Show for the morning broadcast! Wear your Save Daredevil shirts, bring signs, and grab some free swag from us, too! We want to show the nation that we aren’t giving up on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen - and that we want Marvel and Disney to Save Daredevil!

If you are considering attending, please join our Facebook group to get regular updates on the event.



what to expect

We will meet on the plaza at Rockefeller Center at 6:30am. In order to be part of the broadcast, visitors must pass through security and complete a short check-in process. To speed up check-in procedures, we strongly encourage you to RSVP on the Today Show’s website at the RSVP tab before arriving.



things to remember

  • Make a Sign! Get Creative! Make sure that #SaveDaredevil is visible on it.

  • Dress Warmly! We’ll want our shirts showing while the anchors are broadcasting Live, but coats and hats will be a must! Bring a warm drink as well!

  • Our goal is to be visible on national TV, so front and center spots on the plaza are very important! Hopefully we will capture the interest of the anchors, and have an opportunity to rep our campaign!

  • All official communication will happen via the official event group. Please communicate with us that way. Even on the morning of, we will be monitoring it.



schedule of events

  • 6:30am: Meet up and start the check-in process.

  • 7-8am: The broadcast begins indoors. We will take our positions outside. Hopefully we’ll be able to access the windows and show our signs from outside.

  • 8-9am: The anchors come outside. This is our moment! Our hope is that the anchors take interest in our cause and ask us to rep our campaign during the live broadcast. If not, we will still be very visible and our signs and shirts will do the repping for us!

  • 9am: After the show wraps, we will be heading across the street to Marvel Entertainment to take photos in front of their offices!

  • 9:15am: Finally, we will head to the basement of Rockefeller Center. There is a large public area with food, coffee, and bathrooms. We will get warm and get to know each other!

(Must be a member of the group to see the event, so make sure you remember to join!)