We have a soft spot for hopeless causes. This Friday, June 14, let’s remember Jessica Jones and her history with our Daredevil characters on the premiere date of her final season. Join us during our regular tweetfest hours, 12-2pm ET (translate your own time zone here) and share your own favorite Jessica Jones / Daredevil crossover moments from the Marvel Netflix series.


  • For this event, use the hashtags #SaveDaredevil and #SaveJessicaJones OR #SaveDaredevil and #JessicaJones for your tweets.

  • Include your favorite pictures, GIFs, or videos of Jessica Jones interacting with characters from the Daredevil show!

  • Twitter watches for engagement so remember: CLICK the gifs/vids/pics, likes AND retweets - and comment on those interactions!

  • For fans who have work, other commitments or live in a country that’s not less convenient to our time range, you can use existing tools like Tweetdeck to schedule out your tweets!

Official Jessica Jones Tweetfest Resources

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