We all agree that our beloved Daredevil cast and crew are #WorthTheWait. Given the success of our previous fanworks initiative, we are inviting the #FandomWithoutFear to come together once again and celebrate the series with a new theme.

Introducing #DaredevilContinued, an event centering around what you think would, should or might happen in the future timeline of the Daredevil show, after the end of season three. Feel free to interpret this theme as strictly or loosely as you wish, and depending on the parameters of your chosen medium. We are, however, looking specifically for new works.

To give everyone enough time to finish something special, whether that something is drawings, paintings, fanfiction, fan videos, crafts, music – or anything else! – We will start posting/reposting submissions 2 weeks prior to the deadline, from September 1st to September 15th.

Event Guidelines for #DaredevilContinued

  • All fanworks must be Safe For Work.

  • All characters and ships are welcome. Please try to keep a positive tone, the event is meant to be encouraging!

  • The theme is #DaredevilContinued, as in what comes after Daredevil season 3! Creator’s Choice.

  • This can be expressed with fanart, fanfiction, vids, or anything else!

  • All new and completed fanworks following event rules are accepted but, depending on volume and time, we may elect to reblog some at a later time.

  • Fanworks cannot be RT/reposted if items are untagged, they do not follow the guidelines, or the registration form has not been completed and accepted.

  • Fanworks posted before or after the September 1st-15th period won't be RT/reposted.

  • Anonymous submissions will be open until September 14, 11:59pm Pacific.

How to participate:

  • Complete the event registration form below.

  • Post your work to the social media of your choice between September 1st and September 15th. Don't forget to tag us!

  • When posting to Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr remember to use the hashtag #DaredevilContinued. If posting to AO3 please submit to our DaredevilContinued collection: https://archiveofourown.org/collections/DaredevilContinued