Craig Erwich, the head of original programming for Hulu, was recently asked in an interview about whether or not Hulu would be able to revive the recently cancelled Marvel/Netflix show ‘Daredevil’.

“Marvel has a ton of titles we’d be interested in,” he said, when asked by TheWrap if Hulu would have interest in reviving one of those series.  “It kind of just depends on when they’re ready, [and] who, most importantly, is going to be behind these things.”

Mr. Erwich commented during this same event that 'Hulu watches the “tonal engagement” of its viewers rather than any one particular metric.' Considering Parrot Analytics has shown Daredevil to have remained in the top 10 of streaming series over the last 25 weeks, this is a solid indicator that Daredevil is a good fit for Hulu's streaming service. So we want to let Mr. Erwich know, loudly and clearly, that there is already a built-in fanbase for Daredevil, a fanbase that would gladly subscribe to this streaming service should they decide to revive the show.

Beginning Monday, March 11, through Friday, March 29, let’s send a united and consistent message to Hulu that we want them to #BeTheHero and #SaveDaredevil!

Your messages can take whatever format you are most comfortable with - a brief note, a postcard (keep scrolling down for downloadable postcard files!), a thoughtful essay - as long as it shows your enthusiasm and passion and clearly reiterates our desire to see the SAME cast and creative team on the show. Your messages can be sent directly to Hulu and Mr. Craig Erwich to the following addresses:


Craig Erwich c/o Hulu
2500 Broadway Fl 2
Santa Monica, CA 90404



In order to make the most impact as a fandom, we want to schedule our emails and letters to arrive as closely together as possible. For this particular event, we will use Wednesday as our email days (send out your emails on Wednesday) and Friday as our snail mail days (drop your letters off at the post office on Friday). And yes, you can participate as little or as much as your schedule permits! But we hope everyone will consider sending off at least one message to Mr. Erwich before March is done.



  • Stay positive and keep your tone upbeat, civil and enthusiastic

  • Remind him that we want the same cast, crew and creative team

  • Point out how well Daredevil has been performing over the past 6 months, and still staying in high demand, even after cancellation (based on compiled data from Parrot Analytics)

  • Praise any and all Hulu originals you may already be enjoying

  • Point out that Hulu already has a great Marvel show, The Runaways, and that Daredevil would be a natural fit on the streaming service

  • Point out that Hulu has done very well with more mature, TV-MA rated originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale, Future Man, etc.  

  • Try to include the campaign hashtags #SaveDaredevil and #BeTheHero somewhere on your messages to bring awareness to our social media efforts



If you want to do snail mail but have no idea what to send, let us help! We created some simple, pre-addressed 4.25x6 postcard designs, with an option to print and cut out at home (each design is a separate file), and another option you can send to an online or local print shop to produce postcards in bulk. If you have any issues with the downloads, just email us at contact@savedaredevil.com.

Download Option #1: Print at Home #1 | #2 | #3

Download Option #2: Send to Printer #1