Write to Kevin Mayer at Disney and join our next letter writing initiative!

In early December, Disney executive Kevin Mayer spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about Disney’s entrance into streaming services with both Disney+ and Hulu. The topic of the recently cancelled Marvel shows on Netflix came up, and this is what he said:

Would you consider reviving the Marvel shows that Netflix canceled?
They are very high-quality shows. We haven't yet discussed that, but  I would say that's a possibility.

The fact that he calls these shows “high-quality” and doesn’t rule out the possibility of renewing them on one of Disney’s streaming services, whether Disney+ or Hulu after the Fox acquisition, is the most that anyone at Disney has said since the cancellation. This became the basis of our #WorthTheWait campaign. But now we’re ready to do even more.

Mr. Mayer needs to know how much the fans want to see Daredevil back, and this is where our next campaign initiative comes in! We want to harness the full force of the fandom and send out one huge surge of hand-written support to convey how much this show means to us, in THIS form, with THIS cast and THIS creative team. The #SaveDaredevil campaign is prepared to receive all of your letters and send them in one shipment to the Walt Disney Studios offices.


It can be a brief note, a postcard, a multi-page screed, or even an email. Whatever you feel most comfortable doing, as long as it shows your enthusiasm and passion for the show. If you decide to opt for snail mail, your notes and letters can be addressed to:

PO Box 501681
San Diego, CA 92150-4062

If you need an alternative to actual mailing, you can scan / take a photo, or write out an email with the contents of your letter and forward to our email address: contact@savedaredevil.com. Please note in the subject that your message is for the Kevin Mayer writing initiative so we know it’s okay to print and include in the overall shipment.

Our goal is to collect as many letters as we can by 1/31/2019 and mail out ASAP, so please try to plan your mailing timetable accordingly.


  • Keep the tone civil and positive. All indications are Disney had no idea Netflix was going to cancel these shows.

  • Remind Mr. Mayer that we do not want to see a reboot of this character. We want to see the original cast, crew and creative team.

  • Disney told the New York Times that Disney+ will be a family friendly platform, with more adult oriented programming going to Hulu. If we want to see Daredevil continue as a TV-MA show, we want to clearly state this, and suggest it be revived on Hulu rather than Disney+.

  • Remind Mr. Mayer that Disney has a track record of considering their consumers to be “guests” rather than “customers.” The cancellation of Daredevil is being played out on social media as a story where Netflix is clearly the villain. Wouldn’t Disney like to be the hero who saves it, and gains loyal subscribers in return?

  • Most importantly, tell Mr. Mayer WHY you want this show back. Tell your personal story of why this show is so important to you. We don’t want him to receive hundreds of identical letters; we want him to receive thousands of personal, heartfelt appeals to #SaveDaredevil.

If you choose to opt out of our collective writing campaign, you may always send your letter directly to Mr. Mayer yourself:

Kevin Mayer c/o Walt Disney Studios
500 S Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA  91521