While our original goals may have changed, we still believe in the power of using our collective voice to keep Daredevil alive on social media.

Instead of simply trending once a week, we want to ensure Marvel continues hearing our voices, loud and clear, 24/7. Continue tweeting, posting and blogging about how upset you are about the cancellation on all of your social media platforms, but especially Twitter.


  • Always include #SaveDaredevil on your tweets and please try to limit your hashtag usage to TWO HASHTAGS MAX. If you use more than 2, Twitter will not track it for trending. If you continue to use more than 2 hashtags and tag too many accounts, you will be considered spam! #SaveDaredevil + #Daredevil are the preferred combination for general tweets!

  • Direct your tweets to: @Marvel first, then @Disney, and lastly @Netflix. Direct to other platforms like @Hulu if and when it makes sense.

  • Include your favorite pictures (grab some of ours here), GIFs, or videos of Daredevil / Daredevil Season 3 - graphics increase engagement!

  • Twitter watches for engagement so remember: CLICK the gifs/vids/pics, likes AND retweets all help the @RenewDaredevil team effort.

  • Reply to DD cast, crew, and other big fans - they may RT our movement and spread the word!

  • Try to remain a positive voice for the effort, but if there is disinformation being spread about the cancellation and our efforts, feel free to politely correct and educate on our behalf.

For campaign-wide tweetfests, we’ll post information in the section below AND on our official Twitter account when they’re happening. You can use the chart to the right to translate your time zone or convert your own time zone at the Time Zone Converter. For fans who have work, other commitments or live in a country that’s not less convenient to our time range, you can use existing tools like Tweetdeck to schedule out tweets!



If you are tweeting on your own, you can do it at anytime, but for an official Twitter event, we’ll ask fans to collectively tweet within our previously arranged 12pm-2pm ET timeframe, for which you can find time zone conversions below:

N. America - Eastern Time (ET): Friday, 12pm-2pm
N. America - Central Time (CT): Friday, 11am-1pm
N. America - Mountain Time (MT): Friday, 10am-12pm
N. America - Pacific Time (PT): Friday, 9am-11am
S. America - GMT-6 (Costa Rica/Guatemala): Friday, 11am-1pm
S. America - GMT-5 (Cuba/Peru): Friday, 12pm-2pm
S. America - GMT-4 (Bolivia): Friday, 1pm-3pm
S. America - GMT-3 (Argentina/Santiago): Friday, 2pm-4pm
S. America - GMT-2 (Brazil): Friday, 3pm-5pm
Europe - GMT (London): Friday, 5pm-7pm
Europe - CET (Paris/Madrid): Friday, 6pm-8pm
Europe - EET (Greece): Friday, 7pm-9pm
Asia - GMT+5.5 (New Delhi): Friday, 10:30pm-12:30am
Asia - GMT+8 (China): Saturday, 1am-3am
Asia - GMT+9 (Japan/Korea): Saturday, 2am-4am
Australia - GMT+10.5 (Adelaide): Saturday, 3:30am-5:30am
Australia - GMT+11 (Sydney): Saturday, 4am-5am

Social media events for #SaveDaredevil

To replace our originally scheduled weekly tweeting efforts, and to supplement the daily tweeting from the fans, we will schedule coordinated social media events through our official Twitter account to help shine light on different aspects of our campaign.



Punisher S2 Premiere Tweetstorm

When the Punisher blasts back onto our screens this Friday, January 18, let’s take a moment to remember where his story began! Join us during our regular tweetfest hours, 12-2pm ET (translate your own time zone here), as we share our favorite Frank Castle moments from season two of Daredevil! No matter what happens to The Punisher series after this newest season, we want to show Punisher fans how much we respect Jon Bernthal’s iconic take on Frank Castle in Season 2, whose impact on the Daredevil story cannot be understated.



#WorthTheWait Tweetstorm

Let’s gear up for one last tweetstorm before the holidays! During our usual hours of 12pm-2pm ET, share why YOU believe this show is #WorthTheWait. Include pics, videos, and GIFs if you have them, and feel free to @Marvel or @Hulu if you have the space. Last but not least, make sure you include our campaign hashtag #SaveDaredevil on your tweets!



Daredevil Cast Appreciation Week

Let’s come together as a fandom and show our amazing cast some LOVE! We’ll officially designate the week of 12/10-12/16 our Daredevil Cast Appreciation Week (into which we’ll fold in our previously scheduled Charlie Cox Birthday tweetfest!). Each day will highlight a select actor / character from DD!


  • Monday, December 10: Jay Ali / Ray Nadeem

  • Tuesday, December 11: Wilson Bethel / Benjamin Poindexter

  • Wednesday, December 12: Vincent D'onofrio / Wilson Fisk

  • Thursday, December 13: Elden Henson / Foggy Nelson

  • Friday, December 14: Deborah Ann Woll / Karen Page

  • Saturday, December 15: Charlie Cox / Matt Murdock
    Note: This is Charlie’s ACTUAL 36th birthday, so please include an extra hashtag or two just for him: #CharlieCox and/or #CharlieCoxIsDaredevil!

  • Sunday, December 16: Everyone, including cast members we couldn’t fit in an individual day or your favorite characters from past seasons

We will focus our tweets within the usual 12pm-2pm ET posting timeframe, but feel free to tweet out your appreciation ALL DAY! Our goal is to make sure the cast feels as much love from the fans right now, so the longer that love lasts, the better! And as usual, don’t forget to include our mian campaign hashtag: #SaveDaredevil.




Never Give Up the Fight

In the week since Netflix cancelled Marvel’s Daredevil, fans from around the world have come together to express anger at the abrupt cancellation, and to share our love for the show! This Friday from 12pm-2pm ET let’s join together on social media to tell @netflix, @marvel, and the rest of the world that we’re #NotGivingUp on OUR Daredevil! We want more stories with THIS cast, THIS crew, and THIS creative team, and we’re here to fight for it!


  • Share your feelings! Why is Daredevil such a special show? You're #NotGivingUp because…

  • Just this week Netflix reportedly purchased an additional year of Friends for 100 million dollars. You're #NotGivingUp on an original, critically-acclaimed show whose fourth season could be produced for a fraction of that cost!

Don’t forget to check our time zone chart above or convert your own time zone at the Time Zone Converter.