Although we have several arms to our campaign, social media is where the majority of exposure and conversation happens. Since a lot of us are new to these platforms, especially Twitter, we hope this page helps streamline how we get our message across.


hashtag how-tos

Our campaign hashtags serve two main purposes: to collect all of our tweets and to get our message trending. For a tweet to count towards trending or total numbers, there can only be 2 hashtags in a tweet. During official tweetfests, 2 hashtags is the rule. When we aren’t trying to trend, you can use more than 2, but please use sparingly as to not create confusion. Abusing hashtags or spamming tweets may flag your account or result in a shadowban.

These are the primary hashtags for our campaign:

  • #SaveDaredevil: Official campaign hashtag. Tweets, posts, messages, etc, on ANY platform can use this hashtag if it relates to DD or the campaign.

  • #Daredevil: This is a great hashtag to fill slot 2. It feeds our tweets into the main DD tag, giving us access to new or casual members of the DD fanbase ie: future members.

When in doubt, use these two hashtags! And if you weren’t aware, we are officially retiring the use of #RenewDaredevil so feel free to remove from your future tweets!


posting on twitter

All #SaveDaredevil fans are encouraged to tweet as often as they want, and whenever they want! Our campaign spans around the world and having members active throughout the day and night keeps up momentum. But remember: we’re in this for the long haul, so take time to recharge and don’t burn yourself out.

To help organize our tweeting efforts, we’ll start using daily secondary hashtags to streamline and focus discussion:

  • Monday: #CharlieCoxIsDaredevil

  • Tuesday: #NotGivingUp

  • Wednesday: #BeTheHero

  • Thursday: #WorthTheWait

  • Friday: #FandomWithoutFear

  • Sat/Sun: No daily hashtag, but be sure to join us for our #DaredevilRewatch every Sunday!


organized tweetfests

In addition to our daily tweets and conversations, we organize official tweetfests during our targeted hours (12-2pm ET) on specific dates. These may feature an event hashtag we’ll use in connection with our primary campaign hashtag (ie: #SaveDaredevil + #BeTheHero), as well as an established recipient for our tweets (ie: @Marvel). We encourage as many fans as possible to tweet, comment and retweet as much as possible in that two hour span. To find the equivalent time for your own time zone, use this handy Time Zone Converter.

For fans who can’t participate live, we highly recommend a service like Tweetdeck or Buffer to help you schedule out your tweets in advance. The goal for tweetfests is not only to gain attention from the tagged recipient of our tweets, but also to trend. If you use a different primary social media platform, you can still participate there, but our numbers are ultimately easier to track and more impactful on Twitter.


basic etiquette

Here are a few more tips to make your tweets more attractive and engaging:

  • Include your favorite pictures (grab some of ours here), GIFs, or videos of Daredevil / Daredevil Season 3 - graphics increase engagement!

  • Twitter watches for engagement so remember: CLICK the gifs/vids/pics, likes AND retweets all help the @RenewDaredevil team effort.

  • We’ve been fortunate enough to have prominent cast support for our campaign, and we want to make sure it stays that way - so please, do not spam any cast or Daredevil affiliated individuals with posts or requests to check out our campaign. We’re pretty sure they see it all, and we want to respect the boundaries of those who are silently supporting for now.

  • In addition to avoiding spam, remember that if you @ another celebrity or an account with a large following, to frame your tweets as politely as possible. Tone is hard to make out online, and we don’t want to come off as being demanding or aggressive, especially when we’re asking them to support our cause.

  • Remain a positive voice for the effort, but if there is disinformation being spread about the cancellation and our efforts, feel free to politely correct and educate on our behalf.


tagging accounts

  • Tag @Marvel as much as possible. This is a good way for the tweet to go directly to Marvel and not just to our hashtag count, so they can’t overlook it.

  • Since we are casting a wide net to anyone under the Disney umbrella, tweet to @disney and @hulu as well.

  • @Netflix: Although the relationship with Netflix is basically over, we can continue to highlight our disappointment over their decision. But please, if you choose to @ Netflix, keep your messages as polite and diplomatic as you can. It’s possible to express your disappointment without cursing or threats!



What is shadowbanning?

  • If your account is marked as ‘spammy’ or doesn’t follow community guidelines, it is partially blocked. Accounts will not get notified when you tag them, you will not show up in search results, and your tweets will be hidden in any thread.

How to avoid getting shadowbanned?

  • Break up your official #SaveDaredevil tweets with activity that doesn’t include a hashtag or @ every once in a while.

  • Engage with the community and comment on others’ posts.

  • Although we want to use the official hashtag as much as possible, it’s good to take a break. If you’re responding to a thread with a comment that doesn’t relate back to the campaign or cancellation, try not use the hashtag. It’ll help keep your account from looking too ‘spammy’ and keep random comments out of the #SaveDaredevil feed.


spreading the word

On Twitter

  • Newcomers to the show and/or cancellation: the first person to engage should officially advertise the campaign. (#SaveDaredevil, website). Any more than 2 people officially advertising can seem pushy.

  • If initial advertising has been accomplished, use this opportunity to ‘low key’ campaign. Commiserate with them, engage in conversation, use #SaveDaredevil, (and @marvel if there’s room) in your comment.

  • If they show little interest in officially joining the campaign, simply invite them to follow our efforts on our official Twitter page. They might jump on later.

Other Social Media

  • Interact with followers, other accounts, and comment sections, using the official hashtag and sharing the website.


engage with us across social media

The #FandomWithoutFear is an active community spanning multiple social media sites and platforms and we invite you to join us wherever you feel most comfortable! We have a strong and active presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (where you can like our page and/or join our group), and a growing presence on platforms like Tumblr and Youtube. Wherever you find us, we invite you to join the conversation and help us get the word out about #SaveDaredevil!


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